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01/03/2010 - 01/03/2010

Giorgio Casari, president of the Italian Club Collezionisti Targhe Incendio, invited Vítor Alegria to present the book “CHAPAS” Heraldry of the Insurance Companies at the Annual Congress of the Italian Insurance Mark Collectors in the city of Parma, Italy.

Vito Platania, author of the book “Le Targhe Incendio in Italia” and other publications, enthused Vítor Alegria to work about insurance chapas in Portugal.

In Italy, Vítor Alegria met Andre Peetermans, collector, recognized insurance mark’ valuer and representative of the German club Deutscher-Feuer-Versicherungs-Schilder-Verein, of which he was president between 2004 and 2010.

Still in Italy, Vítor Alegria announces the intention of founding, in Portugal, the CHAPAS-Clube História e Acervo Português da Actividade Seguradora.

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